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Bedbugs, Basketball and Amina too!, Newsletter 6/12/2015


Bedbugs are some of the most annoying pests to have in your house because it seems that bedbugs never rest, they suck human blood for survival.  Just like bedbugs, the devil never rests his out to destroy and suck the goodness that Christ has instilled in us by enticing us to sin.  Bedbugs are a nuisance and are also known to be very stubborn. They refuse to leave and refuse to die. When you have to kill one manually you must crash its head to ensure its dead lest it comes back staring at you as it crawls away.
Some deep rooted sins in our lives are like bed bugs, they hide where most people can’t see: selfishness, arrogance, impure thoughts, adultery etc. These sins refuse to leave and refuse to die giving us a ticket to hell. Such sins require to be brought in the light and be crashed by the head.  1 John 1:19 encourages us by saying “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” Recently Cindi’s Hope Eastleigh was infested by bugs, we knew its wrath when our children could not sleep due to the painful uncomfortable bites, they kept jumping from one bed to another hoping that some were not infested at least to get some sleep, but alas! Just like un-confessed sin that keeps piling and makes a person wonder which sin to start dealing with, the large bedbug colony had multiplied and spread in all the dorms and beds and refused to go away.
Truly, that was a hard problem to deal with that needed radical measures like the way Christ sent his only son to die on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins. We knew  bedbugs will go away if we radically handle them through fumigation or throwing away all stuff that were infested just the way it takes to get rid of some of our deep rooted sins that have numbed our conscious: radical life changes must be taken.
As a home we bought bugs insecticide and fumigated the home but the stubborn bed bugs never died, we realized the fumigation needed a second touch after the government announced there was an outbreak of the bugs. That’s when radical measures were taken; we went back to the government to seek help. The area chief, a government official, sent exterminators with stronger insecticide to re-fumigate the whole home.
After the fumigation we had to use very hot water to soak, and clean all the beddings and cloths to ensure no bedbug survived. Just the way time of refreshment comes after confession and forgiveness of sin, today we are all smiles as our children sleep in bed bug free beds.  As Cindi’s Hope we believe everyone needs Jesus in their lives, because his blood works powerfully than any exterminator chemical ever could. His blood cleanses our sins that purify us and gives us a ticket to heaven.


The life of Amina, a 14-year old girl from a family of 5 demonstrates how it takes faith to trust God when life doesn’t make sense. Hebrews 11:1 says faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Amina was abandoned by her parents to live with her maternal grandmother who took care of her since childhood. That was one of her darkest moments in life; she wondered why her parents rejected her at an early age. Being abandoned put a comma in her dreams because there was no one to care for her education; her aging grandmother, was too weak to work and raise her school fee. Amina could admire children in uniform going to school and hoped that one day God would bless her too. God being God, who doesn’t delay when the right time comes, encouraged her faith by placing her at Cindi’s Hope Academy.
Amina was overjoyed by God’s kindness and was certain she was going to catch up academically despite being out of School for a long time. As she tried to catch up with her academics in her 1st semester in School, she broke her hand during games activities. That broke her heart, because it meant missing school and lagging behind more.
She persevered in pain to encourage her stressed grandmother who could not afford the surgery fee. That’s when it dawned on her that perhaps God was trying to teach her something. Maybe God was using the situation to make her trust in him even when life doesn’t make sense. Together with her grandmother they decided to pray and Cindi’s Hope raised her surgery fee and she was operated on and healed.
In the beginning of her 2nd semester, the beautiful Amina became a source of ridicule to her peers because of wearing a torn uniform to school. She contemplated dropping out of School to avoid going through constant shame. Though her hope of getting a uniform sponsor never materialized, she decided to put it to God in prayer. Today she praises God for answering her prayer with a brand new uniform; she couldn’t hide her contagious smile as she thanked her sponsors for removing her shame and ridicule.  Happy and ready to study, the devil on the other hand wasn’t happy with her progress because she twisted her leg that paralyzed her movement. She couldn’t report to school. She decided to pray about her education and surrender it to God. She realized the trial was a test of her faith, character and endurance. She decided not to give up, whine, complain or question God.  She was so encouraged by the many home visits by Cindi’s hope staff and hopeful that she will catch up with her studies.
Generally, Amina is overwhelmed with joy and praises God for providing her a loving family at Cindi’s Hope Academy. She prays that God will help her keep her promise to work hard in School. She believes that God is not done with her yet, He is still working in her life and she just can’t wait to see what God has in store for her.
Amina encourages us to never think that God is not at work in our lives, because He is making things happen even when we don’t realize it. We just need to stay in an attitude of faith and learn to trust God’s timing because He knows the end of the story before the first word is written.

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