Rescuing Abused Girls in East Africa

Borehole: Bringing up the Water

The Borehole Project:

Bringing up the Water!

“He who believes in Me, from his innermost being will flow rivers of living water” John 7:38

Cindi’s Hope is a girls’ rescue center for physically abused and abandon girls in Kenya. In January 2012, by the grace of God and a generous donor, we were able to purchase 22 acres of land to build a school and dorm facility for Cindi’s Hope. Our prayer is that this property will enable us to never have to turn another young girl in need away. Our new location will be in Mananja, Kenya. The landscape has rolling hills and wide open spaces for the girls to “live, move and have their being”.

Water is the basic element of life, not only spiritually but physically. The need for fresh water in Mananja, Kenya is crucial. The nearest well to the property is 2.5 miles, where people in the community will line up daily with large containers to take water back to their homes.

A borehole is a channel that is drilled down through rock and soil to reach the aquifer. On average, the depth of a borehole in Kenya is between 492 ft to 1,148 ft. Once the channel is drilled and capped, the next step is the construction of the pump and pump house, water tank, and piping. A pump house, tank and plumbing needed in order to bring the water up from under the ground, store it and pump it throughout the school buildings and dormitories. In order to begin construction on the school there must be water.



Partner with us to bring
life sustaining water to Cindi’s Hope.


Need: $36,000

Give:  World Outreach

Cindi’s Hope WATER

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Goal: May 1, 2012

Helping others in need…water. Something so basic, yet without it, life ceases to exist. We need your help to provide the financial and physical support to bring water to Cindi’s Hope Girls Rescue Center and to the community.

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Solar Water ProjectWe're working for the next eight weeks to raise funds for a solar water pump and water tank for Cindi's Hope. Learn more or donate here

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