Rescuing Abused Girls in East Africa

Cindi’s Hope Farm
Mananja, Kenya


We were blessed in 2012 to purchase 22 acres in Mananja where we have seen God’s provision in our diligence to “Farming God’s Way.” We have more than 40 pigs, 50 chickens, 8 bee hives, 500 fruit trees, two empty plots for tilapia farming, an empty greenhouse and three plots prepared and ready to plant with vegetables. Why have we not planted or expanded you ask? Water. Water is our greatest need at the farm. We have dug a well on the farm, but without the implementation of a pump, we are not able to access our natural recourse.


Expenses at the farm

Farm_Cindis_Hope201510-43-l Farm_Cindis_Hope_201510-34-l
  • 45 pigs – 18,000 shillings/pig = $810,000 shillings ($8,100 USD)
  • 35 kg of feed/day (1 kg = 3 shillings) = 105 shillings ($1.05/day in grain for pigs USD)
  • 20 pens of pigs x 720 liters of water purchased/day =2,880 shillings ($28.80/day USD)
  • 300 ml of vitamins for pigs (690 shillings) x 3 bottles every two months = 2,760 shillings/year ($28 USD)
  • 2 doses of wormer (75 shillings/ 45 pigs = 3,375) every 3 months for each pig = 13,500 shillings ($135 USD)

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