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Happy Easter from Cindi’s Hope, Newsletter 4/2/2015

Cindi’s HOPE has a new ministry partner.

His name is Ron Nelson and he will be doing Cindi’s HOPE business administration. Welcome aboard, Ron! Here is more about him:
Ron Nelson is retired and lives on a farm with his wife, Linda, in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. They have two adult sons. One lives in Covington, Kentucky, where he is employed by the government.  The other is a missionary to Western Alaska along with his wife. They have six grandchildren.Prior to retirement Ron was a Church Administrator having served churches in both Kentucky and South Carolina. As a Church Administrator he was responsible for the oversight of the business affairs of the church including but not limited to finances, property, personnel, investments and stewardship. Before entering the field of church administration, Ron was employed in the insurance industry, both in the home office management as well as in the field, marketing insurance products.
Ron is a graduate from Christian Life College (formally Chicago Bible College) and Grand Canyon University. In addition, Ron received training at Union Seminary to become a Certified Church Administrator. Ron became aware of Cindi Mendoza when she and her family lived in Lexington, Kentucky. Cindi was an educator at a school where Linda, Ron’s wife, was the School Administrator.  Over the years Linda and Cindi have been in contact as Cindi’s HOPE evolved in Kenya. Ron spends his time on the farm helping with the horses and fixing up their hundred year old farm house and barn. In addition, he sends out a weekly blog entitled Monday Matters that helps to inspire and motivate individuals in their personal and spiritual lives.

Why Go to Cindi’s Hope?
by Sherrie Lewis
Spring of 2012 Liz and I visited Cindi’s Hope, Kenya for the first time. The children won my heart. We did a vacation bible school (VBS) regarding the superheroes of the bible. Trouble was, they didn’t have a clue what a superhero was; but they were so gracious and attentive, loving our attention. Our simple crafts and games brought so much joy. Their reverence for the Lord during prayer and worship was both humbling and uplifting at the same time.
I came home that year with intentions to get a job so I could return and so far the Lord has opened the door for me every year since then. This Spring will be my forth visit. Now the children and I have a bond, a friendship. The hugs and smiles get better and better with each visit. What a privilege to watch them grow up.
On another trip, we went on Sunday visitation of the elderly. Breaking up into teams, each group took food and cleaning materials to visit the elderly in the town. The children worked to clean the humble dwellings, cook a meal, and do whatever was needed. Then they would pray for them and maybe sing a song or two. It taught me a tremendous lesson of what it means to be a willing servant. You know…you go on a mission’s trip to bless others just to find out that you receive the biggest blessing of all.
This year’s VBS will have a Passover theme showing how Jesus is the fulfillment of the Passover. Just as Israel waited for their coming Messiah, we wait expectantly for Him to come again. What a hope we have in Jesus! I’m looking forward to sharing my hope.
And, I look forward to seeing my special friend Frieda. Shy and quiet, Frieda stayed by my side that whole first visit. She told me she wanted to go home with me and I said only if she could fit in my suitcase. Without hesitation she said she probably could. Then there’s Susan who hugged me so tightly while we both bawled like babies having to say good-bye. That’s why I desperately wanted to return. It’s is so hard to say good-bye but not quite as difficult to say, “Lord willing, I will see you next year.”
Many of the children have backgrounds that we could not fathom but when we’re together none of that is evident. They just love being loved on. And, these precious children of God sincerely love you right back.
Peeling Potatoes
by Katlin Mulvaney
When was the last time an American woman you know sat in her kitchen or on the porch and actually peeled a 50-pound sack of potatoes? Definitely not in this generation, but come, take a seat on this hand-carved Eucalyptus teater-totter bench in Cassia’s kitchen.

Let Naivasha’s  breeze waft through your hair as you inhale the aroma of freshly dug russet potatoes sitting at your feet. As you bend over to take your first project, you notice there is no peeler, but a medium sized knife waiting to be used as your carving tool. As I begin to carve the rustic sandy, loam peel off, I realized how much time and energy this was going to take to finish this entire bag. Who even has time for this? “Seriously, Cassia, don’t we have something else to do right now?” As these questions swarmed my mind, she started laughing at me.
As I was finishing my first potato she was reaching for her fifth. “You take too much,” she laughed. “I take too long I know,” I replied, but she still chuckled saying I was taking too much of the potato as I cut the skin. Ha! She began to demonstrate how to gently insert the knife under the skin and let the knife work for you in following the grain of the peel. Needless to say, after potato #10 my hand was cramping and I was laughing at how tedious this process was, and this selfless woman lives and breathes this task EVERYDAY in order to feed the more than 100 mouths at Cindi’s Hope Rescue Center in Naivasha.

How can someone have this daily commitment and perseverance at such a daunting task? Just as Cassia carves away with her sharp knife, potato after potato, to feed these precious children, isn’t this how our Lord is with our lives? Every day His word sharpens our lives. His pruning and peeling of our “dirty skin” is never too much for Him. He never takes “too much” or complains about how much time or years it may be taking to get us where He wants us.

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