Rescuing Abused Girls in East Africa

Meeting Winnie


During my trip to Kenya this past December, while visiting Cindi’s Hope, I was able to meet the young girl that my daughter and I sponsor at Cindi’s Hope. After I arrived in Kenya, I learned more about Winnie’s story. She has been at Cindi’s Hope for two years after being repeatedly raped by a male relative. Her mother is dead and her father is an alcoholic and is in and out of jail and unable to provide for Winnie.


The majority of the children were on holiday break and those who have a safe place to go during breaks, are gone from the school. Winnie was spending the holiday break from the school at Kerugoya with an aunt. Because the staff makes welfare checks on the children while they are with relatives during the breaks, it was not an unusual request for a CH staffer to contact Winnie’s aunt and arrange a meeting.

I was able to purchase a gift of food to be given at the meeting.  So I purchased a large bag of rice, two bags of beans, a bag of sugar, and a lump of cooking fat to give to Winnie’s aunt.

Cindi and I met Winnie and her aunt at a bus stop and picked them up to go eat lunch. We went to a small pizza place, placed our order and then visited while waiting for our food.

Winnie is 13 years of age, but I thought she looked younger – around 9 or 10.

She is very small, speaks very softly, and has beautiful brown eyes and a lovely shy smile. She says her favorite sport is basketball. She likes going to school at Cindi’s Hope, and her favorite teacher is Miss Roselyn. Lunch was going to be Winnie’s first experience with pizza, but her aunt needed to get back to work, so they had to take their food to go.

I was happy to have the opportunity to meet Winnie and see that she is thriving and doing well at Cindi’s Hope.

Karin Glenn-Miller
Asbury Church
Wichita, KS

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