Rescuing Abused Girls in East Africa

MOVE TO NAIVASHA, Newsletter 2/27/2015

When there is a need God comes through, of course! Cramped living conditions in Keragoya precipitated a need for new living space. The search led to a spacious 10 acre unoccupied boarding school in Naivasha, enough space with room to grow! Pictured here are the excited students boarding the bus to their new home. Want to know how to help celebrate with these little loved ones of ours? Donations toward new sheets, hats and gloves,,, Naivasha gets pretty cool at night.



Pastor James Kuong, recently took on a great Kingdom task of rescuing several children from a S. Sudanese refugee camp to bring them to Cindi’s Hope. Pictured here are 4 of those children. The story of their dire need and perilous journey to go to the refugee camp is heart-wrenching. Sadly, to hear what happened to their parents and siblings caught in this definitely not appropriate for general audiences. Suffice it to say, they are safe and cared for now under the umbrella of Cindi’s Hope, thanks to the heroic efforts of James. However these children need our help. There are 5 that still do not have sponsors. Please would you be willing to help or get the word out so that these children will have someone partnering with Cindi to tangibly care for them?


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