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Community Service, Newsletter 6/22/2014

Community Service

At Cindi’s HOPE

The best way to be used of the Lord is to GIVE – give of your time, your love for HIM, your service unto others.  Every month at Cindi’s HOPE Academy, the children, staff, and this month, the guests, go into 10 homes within our community to share the love of Christ.  We clean, cut grass for the cows, cook food, and love on the elderly in our neighborhood.

CH brought cute little cleaners, food for the week, and the WORD to share.  We found a few of our grand-mothers just wanted us to sit and visit with them.  Others desperately needed the hands-on care the teachers and guests provided.  There is no greater joy than giving and serving!

At Cindi’s HOPE, we want to let the Lord’s provision and blessings to run through us. Our desire is to be used of the LORD. We want to give as the Lord gives unto us. Don’t stop the flow; continue to give and let the blessings fall down upon you!




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