Rescuing Abused Girls in East Africa

Your First Fruits

Her First Fruits

Small Mary, as we affectionately call her, came to Cindi’s Hope three years ago. Small Mary had lost her husband and three children to the Civil War in S. Sudan. A women who had lost everything, found Christ! Through the generous donations and wisdom of God, Small Mary has been able to take English and sewing lessons. The lessons, diligence, and hard work paid off.  Last year, Mary was able to work for a salary at Cindi’s Hope. Last December, Small Mary earned her first pay check as a cook at Cindi’s Hope.  You know what she did?  She gave her entire pay check AWAY!  You read that correctly; Small Mary tithed her entire first pay check.   

Small Mary is now sewing uniforms for the girls of Cindi’s Hope!  Mary also helps care for many of the S. Sudanese orphan girls that are at CH. The Lord continues to multiply the work of Mary’s hands blessing her diligence, faith, and efforts. 

Thank you for your constant care, love, and generous gifts!  We could not serve the Lord’s orphans and widows without your partnership.  

This Mother’s Day, think of giving to a special mother who has lost all, and serves Christ with joy.   Consider giving to the ONE we can never out-give, Jesus.   

Serving our Lord together,
Cindi and the team at CH.

Here is Small Mary with her new clothes, shoes, and coiffure after she received her second pay check!  
One of our special S. Sudanese orphans who had never heard of Jesus before coming to Cindi’s Hope.  In S. Sudan, Grace never went to school, she spent her days looking for firewood an water.  NOW, she has the delightful opportunity to learn about Jesus EVERYDAY, go to school, eat every day, and enjoy the Lord’s safety and provision.    Together we can make a difference in the lives of these girls, one child at a time!    If you would like to contribute toward the girls’ care, please go to:





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